What Are the Best Hair Extensions for You?

Who doesn’t want luscious long hair that is shiny and strong?

Who doesn’t want versatility?

But how do you get versatility when you want a bob cut as well as long luscious hair? How is that possible? The simplest answer is “EXTENSIONS”. Hair extension are the best solution, but for many people, it not that simple.

There are two types of hair extensions:

  • Real hair
  • Synthetic hair

Real Hair Extensions

Real hair is the most expensive as well as the best extension to get. Since it’s made with real hair, it has great shine; it’s easy to color as well as cut and style. These may cost you from $200 to $4000 for partial to full hair extension. Now, these are the best kind of extension, but they are also expensive.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

You can easily get synthetic hair extensions from $30 to $100; the lower price is a reflection of their durability. These last around from three to six months however, they are hard to style since they are made of fibre. In the last few years, technology has come a long way to make these better. The great points of synthetic hair extensions are that they don’t frizz in humid weather and they can be worn straight out of the pack, unlike real hair extensions.

You must be thinking that if this is the only decision you have to make is between synthetic and real hair, it’s pretty easy. But that’s not the case; this isn’t the only choice. After selecting the kind of hair extension you want, you need to decide between the different ways of installation.  Here are a few suggestions.

  • Keratin-applied extensions
  • Weaves
  • Taped
  • Clips-ins
  • Glue-taped

The application depends on your lifestyle. For example, beauties who sweat a lot due to workouts and yoga shouldn’t get taped extensions, the moisture will cause them to loosen. For beauties who want something  quick for a night out, clip ins may be the best solution. For beauties who want longevity, weaves are more permanent and are harder to take out. These are only a few of many types of weave.

Choosing the best extension depends on your budget and your lifestyle. Be wise when you shop for extensions. Also always get them from the most authentic vendor as it’s a big investment. Whatever you choose, have fun and rock it!

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