The Hair Shield is a satin -lined protective storage unit for hair extensions created by Delanise Carter. Delanise is a woman who is no stranger to hair extensions, but in 2017 she realized that she was wasting money on hair. The idea to reuse her hair extension came while she was sitting in the center of the bathroom floor sorting through a sea of tangled, matte and dry out hair extensions the night before her hair appointment. Since they had been improperly stored, they no longer look good. Inevitably, Delanise became frustrated, tossed out the extensions, bought new hair and promised to do better next time. After searching for a product which would not only store her extensions but maintain its silky texture for re-installation she realized that if I wanted such a product, she would have to create it.


She knew she was not alone. There are hundreds of women tossing their hair extensions into drawers, boxes or even grocery bags just to later find them a balled -up, tangled mess. It was that day she vowed to stop throwing money in the trash and created a practical hair extension storage unit; The Hair Shield.




The Hair Shield is a satin-lined protective unit that stores, transports and restores the beauty to your hair extensions. Its silky satin lining provides the optimal surface for storing extensions and ultimate quality preservation by reducing frizz and dryness.The Hair Shield not only properly stores extensions and expensive units but also protects them from bacteria and mildew which is climbing all over your counter space.

 No more bundles of hair scattered across your counter space, protect your investment and purchase the Hair Shield.