How To Travel with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a fun way to transform your look for special occasions, including vacations and out of town special events. While you want to bring your clip-ins with, you want them to look their best when you arrive.


Use these tips to keep your Clip-ins looking fresh!


🛡Don’t Wear Your Extensions While Traveling

 You can wear your clip-ins when you travel but there are two reasons you might not want to. First up, they may cause the metal detector to go off at airport security. This means you’ll have to explain that you have clip-ins on and you will likely need to be hand wanded. Airports already take long enough to get through so why slow things down? Secondly, airplane head rests will frizz and fray your extensions and it’s not worth damaging your investment.


🛡Invest In A Travel Hair Extension Bag

 Wearing your clip-in extensions can damage them, but so can getting tangled while traveling. Some ladies put their extensions in a box while others try to roll them up between clothing. The easiest way to get your extensions to your destination looking as good as they did at home is with The Hair Shield rollup bag. A silk-lined bag that keeps your extensions smooth and tangle-free while traveling. It can hold clip-ins and bundles up to 30 inches in length.              CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOURS NOW


🛡Pack In Your Carry-On

 As every avid traveler knows, you should always carry-on your essential travel items, which includes your hair extensions. Not just that, but both checked and carry-on luggage can be searched and it’s better to be there to roll your extension back up after being inspected by airport security. And if you need to pop them on when you land it’s more convenient if they are already with you.


With these tips you can ensure your extensions look their best when you travel!